3rd Takeover of the Detroit Public Schools ( part 1)

Unethical tactics, unscrupulous statements and personal attacks

Detroit Citizen’s rights, common decency and equal treatment under the Constitution are being violated or ignored. A fake citizens group, the Michigan Governor, a band of preachers and the local branch of the NAACP have joined together to disenfranchise the people. Robo calls, attacks against school board members, violations of the state constitution and more pay to play politics are being used to take control of the Detroit Public Schools and its multi-billion dollar annual budget. This fits into the pattern of the governor who has used local funds to offset the lack of a balanced state budget.

What has not yet been reported is a robo call which has been sent out across the city to engineer support against the DPS board. This robo call says the school board is not performing its elected duties. The call ends with an option of either choosing to help the schools by dismantling the school board or by stating that you do not wish to help the schools.

The group, who asked the Detroit City Council to place a question on the ballot, is collaborated with others who are spending money on the calls. Yet they do not have a political group registered to take donations or spend campaign funds. They have not made their alleged signatures available for review. No one has said who is spending the money to have a constitutional body removed in Detroit.

The governor has used Detroit’s past preference for political parties to scare us into a vote that is meaningless and possible unconstitutional. However, only democrat leaders have attacked the school board and called for a vote in November. Further the logic proves that the governors appointed financial manager has failed.

The NAACP has also been part of the effort to remove the school board. The local chapter president wrote a letter in June where he praises the city council but attacks the school board. He attempts to discredit the right of the people to vote for their school board when he acknowledges that right for every other school district in the state, clearly a belief of accepting unequal treatment under the law. The local branch discredits its own survey and position taken a few years ago when they drew the opposite conclusion on the will of the people. Further, the local branch violates the NAACP’s mission and the NAACP pledge. This local chapter is working against equal rights. They are working against the promotion of equal values. They have not worked towards equal funding in education in Michigan. They do not have faith in the people of Detroit. This is the basic premise for the existence of the NAACP. The NAACP was supposed to fight for our rights, but now they are fighting to take away our rights.