3rd Takeover of the Detroit Public Schools ( part 3 )


  • The group Change for Better Schools is not a registered organization. They are not registered with the State as a non-profit or a campaign organization.
  • Where did Change for Better Schools get their funding? They have a web site, sent out mailings, have engaged in a robo-calling survey not to mention the efforts needed to produce 30,000 signatures.
  • Lewis and Munday is on the web site as part of Change for Better Schools. The law firm also works for the city of Detroit. This involves working with the mayors office. The law firm also works for the Detroit Public Schools. This involves working with Robert Bobb. As part of Change for Better Schools, the group advocates giving mayor Bing control of the schools and with him hiring Robert Bobb. This is a more than conflict of interest. This smacks of the very close relationships between local businesses with city and school contracts. It’s pay for play in reverse.

Play and get Paid.

  • In the law firms advocacy of wanting to get rid of the elected school board, can they show that they did not use money earned from the city or schools to pay for their campaign?

  • On Tuesday, the anti-elected board groups plan to bus people downtown to the city council. They will feed and baby-sit children while their parents go downtown. More money from unknown sources.
  • But why wouldn’t those who signed the petitions visit council on their own?
  • If their survey is to be believed, then a majority wants mayoral control and thus would visit council on their own.
  • If the governor is right, why haven’t any local candidates for office supported mayoral control? ALL local candidates have not supported mayoral control. But the governor says that a majority of voters are in favor and that would make mayoral control a solid position to earn votes.
  • Why are candidates passing up the opportunity to earn these votes and maybe even an endorsement from Granholm?

If the Governor is advocating the removal of the elected school board, is she allowing Robert Bobb to finance Change for Better Schools with DPS funds?

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