3rd Takeover of the Detroit Public Schools ( part 2 )

Unethical tactics, unscrupulous statements and personal attacks

Detroit Citizen’s rights, common decency and equal treatment under the Constitution are being violated or ignored. A fake citizens group, the Michigan Governor, a band of preachers and the local branch of the NAACP have joined together to disenfranchise the people. Robo calls, attacks against school board members, violations of the state constitution and more pay to play politics are being used to take control of the Detroit Public Schools and its multi-billion dollar annual budget. This fits into the pattern of the governor who has used local funds to offset the lack of a balanced state budget.

  • The Robo calls spread untruths, go beyond push polling and are designed to only show support for mayoral control. It says ‘either you are for mayoral control or against the schools’.
  • Would signatures asking for a vote to disband the school board at the local level even be accepted by the election commission? This type of vote is not supported by law and may not be legal.
  • Governor Granholm says the republicans will appoint a financial manager worse than the one that she appointed. She says that with a republican governor, Detroit will not be able to work with the financial manager to make improvements in the school system.
  • Rev. Wendell Anthony wrote Council Pres. Charles Pugh in June asking him to put a vote on the ballot to remove the DPS elected board. The mission of the NAACP has historically been to fight for the civil rights, which include voting rights, of the people. Rev. Wendell Anthony is working against the mission of the NAACP.
  • The NAACP’s mission is for equality. The letter by Anthony was on NAACP stationary. However the act by the NAACP president is not for equality but for discriminatory treatment. Anthony would allow Detroit’s schools to be treated differently than every other school in the state.
  • The state of Michigan funds school districts unequally. A recent report noted that school districts in Oakland County receives almost twice as much money per pupil as Detroit, the NAACP has not issued any statement nor announced any intention to fight for equal funding.
  • A statement on the National NAACP’s web page reads; “I believe all Americans have equal rights and equal value.” It asks people to take a pledge to this commitment. How many people in the NAACP have taken their pledge? Has Rev. Anthony taken the pledge?
  • On October 16, 2003, the Detroit Branch NAACP sponsored a community forum on the ‘Future of Education in Detroit.’ At that forum a survey was taken. An overwhelming majority of those surveyed felt that the board members should be elected by the citizens of Detroit. (71.3%)
  • Instead of work to support the elected school board, a group of preachers have written a letter asking that the school board be disbanded. This was after the governor spoke with this group asking them to support mayor control of the schools. Is this the result of religious institutions receiving money from the state? Their own voice is now a tool of politicians who give them money.