Response to Fires by Detroit and DTE Energy is Lacking Legitimacy 2

Part Two

On Tuesday, September 7th in Detroit Michigan a reported 85 homes were destroyed or severely damaged by fire across the city. The city of Detroit, Mayor Bing and DTE Energy has not provided an adequate explanation as to their response and to their previous statements.

The proper response by our government needs to be a proper investigation.

Is DTE understaffing the following:

• Line maintenance – as the 40kw pole transformers or line components fail, they put more load on remaining components, which can create overheating on lines, etc. It took at least a year before a pole transformer was replaced after complaints about the problem;

• Line clearance – Does DTE have a program to keep trees in alleys from growing into power lines? When the wind whips the trees, the tree limbs snap the wires, which can not only start fires but electrocute people, especially children. This is not a natural disaster, but a neglectful one. There is a 2 1/2 year apprenticeship just for line clearance work. Is DTE using it?

• Did Bing deploy our PLD crews to aid in the securing of downed lines, to protect lives and property?

In addition just today 9-14-2010 @ 1:20pm at the Greektown Casino parking garage

A Detroit Fire Department Vehicle, Ford Crown Vic Red license 088×114 parked on the VIP 3rd floor.

Who was driving?       A light complexion Black male, about 6 feet, 4 inches tall and maybe 300 lbs.

City Vehicles are not supposed to be used for personal recreation and definitely not at the Casino.

Was he there last Tuesday? (See links for larger pictures)

These and others questions need answers.

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