Michigan House Democrats Vote in Favor And give Immediate Effect for Public Act 4, 5, 6 and 7, Emergency Manager Law



This is a correction. On May 2, a Press Release stated that Lawmakers were breaking the law. Further research shows that the Michigan Legislator addresses the constitutional requirements and is satisfied with only a voice vote not a roll call vote. How can we guarantee that our constitution is followed when the votes required within and by the constitution are not recorded?


The Michigan Constitution requires a two-thirds majority to give a bill immediate effect. The State Legislature apparently has satisfied this measure with a voice vote, not a roll call vote.


On this set of very controversial bills that remove democracy for local municipalities, can overturn elections and even allow for a city or school district to be dissolved, the Michigan House Democrats voted in favor to allow these laws to go into effect immediately.


After a roll call vote along party lines, the Journal for the House of Representatives for Feb. 23rd reflects these votes for each emergency manager law.


Why then would these Democrats vote to allow a bill they supposedly opposed to go into effect immediately?


The Michigan Democrats owe Detroit and answer. The Michigan Democrats owe Benton Harbor and answer. The Michigan Democrats owe Pontiac an answer.


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