Is the Projected Budget Deficit a Manipulated Crisis to Control the City? 1 of 2


Questions Regarding the Budget, Part 2 (Abbreviated)

Detroit, Michigan


The city of Detroit has projected a deficit in the budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

For a greater explanation of the below items, go to under City of Detroit Budget.


A) Detroit should pay the money owed the pension funds and then take a loan for the same amount.

B) Eliminate all city vehicles not needed for city services. This includes vehicles for all appointees, the city council and the mayor.

C) Eliminate the TIFA (Tax Increment Financial Authority) and all tax removing entities in the city.

D) Reconcile all money owed to the city.

i) The state owes a reported $200 million.

ii) DTE is reported to owe Detroit $20 million.

iii) DPW is reported to have overpaid GDRRA $42 million (Incinerator Operator)

iv) Vanguard is purchasing DMC, and should owe upwards of $500 million for Receiving Hosp.

E) Eliminate corruption, mismanagement, waste and perform the necessary Performance and Forensic Audits to discover any fraud. DFD has reportedly wasted or abused upwards of $2.8 million.

F) Revenue generation should resume restoring income neglected and ignored in past years.

G) Eliminate all of the authorities that govern or control city property. These authorities cost money paid for by city tax dollars increasing the size of government and withholding money from Detroit.

H) The NEW employees in downtown or coming downtown add tax revenue to the city of Detroit. This is not included in Bing’s budget or the council’s analysis.

J) Reduce the number of offices, buildings and equipment used. Consolidate into underused areas and eliminate duplicates. City Clerk has multiple offices. Personal use two or more phones

K) Eliminate the newer departments created that are not stated in the city charter.

L) Departments are top heavy and employ too many appointees and too many in managerial positions which do not add value in these times of the projected deficits.

M) Close all bank accounts and reopen with banks that are based within the city of Detroit.

N) Stop Outsourcing and privatization which has caused money to leave Detroit.

O) City vehicles should not leave the city boundaries unless delivering city services.

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