If Snyder and Schuette violate the law, Should they be impeached?


 Where as Public Act 4, The Emergency Manager Law has been suspended due to a citizen led petition drive seeking to have the voters over turn this law.
Where as Public Act 72 was repealed per the laws of the state of Michigan with immediate effect in the month of March of 2011 when Public Act 4 was enacted into law.

 Where as MCL 8.4, does not allow the existence of Public Act 72. MCL (Michigan Compiled Laws) states “8.4 Effect of repeal of repealing statute, Sec. 4 Whenever a statute, or any part thereof shall be repealed by subsequent statute, such statute, or any part thereof, so repealed, shall not be revived by the repeal of such subsequent repealing get statute.

 Where as Governor Rick Snyder, appointed persons to a position called Emergency Financial Managers, named for and created in the repealed Public Act 4, by Michigan laws a non-existent law.

 Where as the Governor in so doing so has violated the laws of Michigan by taking actions not supported in law.

 Where as the Governor has created and enabled a criminal enterprise by the actions taken in violation of the laws of Michigan and through the use of state government funds, resources and personal.

 Where as the governor has involved through what may be direct orders staff and otherwise subordinate persons in this criminal enterprise and included otherwise willing participants who are aware of and understanding of the law.

Therefore Governor Rick Snyder should face one or more charges of impeachment as appropriate and be removed from the office as governor.

 Therefore Governor Rick Snyder should face an investigation of his actions by the law enforcement agencies of this state.

 Therefore Governor Rick Snyder should face disciplinary actions as outlined by his oath taken as governor of the state of Michigan.

 Therefore the co conspirators should be removed from the public office they serve either through impeachment or firing as appropriate. These persons should also face any criminal investigation to determine the extent of the misuse of state funds and resources for private gain.

 Therefore the state attorney general, Bill Schuette, should face disciplinary actions for his role in this criminal enterprise. Schuette should have his law license revoked and should be removed from office for blatant misuse of his office and malpractice under the law.


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