Hood Research asks what is wrong with our bridges

It seems like every year our roads, bridges and freeways are under construction. Recently several were completely rebuilt. What used to seem like maintenance is not tear down and rebuild. In the 1990’s we were told how asphalt could cover our concrete and save us money. This too seems to no longer be the case. The roads still didn’t last and only people like Bob Thompson who wants to open Charter Schools made money. So what is wrong with our bridges?

Was it just ten years ago we had the Zilwaukee bridge scandal? Today after we were supposed to learn our lesson there hasn’t been a recounting of the ever rising bill. It seems too that the government just keeps pilling on the work. The Davidson freeway was completely rebuilt. While it wasn’t perfect, it was drivable and it still lasted fifty years. For a freeway that is not highly used it seems like quite a high expense of tax dollars.

If the Davidson lasted so long, why are these bridges and roads not lasting as long? Do we have an inferior infrastructure? Is it not planned to last as long as it should? Drive on I696 must under the Greenfield overpasses and large ice dams form in the winter in between the concrete roof slabs. I75 and I96 were completely rebuilt and parts now need to be patched. Why do these roads fall apart so easy?

The government wants to raise our taxes after they gave business a two billion dollar tax break. Could Michigan scale back the tear down projects? In tough economic times why are we still paying for this work when there is much less of us working? Further, there are US Congressmen who says that the government hires undocumented workers to work on these construction projects. Why does the state look the other way while contractors hire illegal labor? Somebody is getting rich and it’s not the people of the state of Michigan.

Lastly, why do they out state quietly sit by and watch their tax dollars pay for things they will never see or use? Why do other politicians who don’t live in Detroit support tax hikes when there is nothing to gain for them or any others in the State of Michigan? We can not sit idly by and give away our financial future. Just as any Michigan household must budget a little tighter so must our state and local governments. Tell your local mayors and councils to promote more fiscal responsibility. Our financial future is at stake.