Citizens to the DFD, WHERE IS THE MONEY?

The list of questions attached to the list of alleged misused budgeted funds is growing. The Detroit Fire Department face allegations of misuse of city money. 

A forensic and a performance audit no longer is requested, but is mandatory. Which of the elected and appointed officials will meet their obligations and conduct this audit. Those who cannot directly audit can force an audit by the state treasurer, the city auditor general, the finance department and even take the step in using the assistance of the county auditor general.

What is alleged?

  • $400k for floor repairs to station houses that never took place
  • $1.5 million for a training tower that was never built
  • Budgeted money for fire stations that have been closed for years
  • Incidents of payouts to individuals, outside of proper and legal city procedures and in violation of the city charter
  • $400k for Engine 19 that was disbanded in 1949
  • $400k for Engine 22 that was disbanded in 1983
  • Signed invoices by current leadership for these and other expenditures over the past few years

Additionally budgeted positions have existed in past budgets for the

  • Airport, approximately $2M per year
  • Fire-boat, approximately $1.5M per year
  • Casino, approximately $3M per year

and yet these positions were not filled, or could not be filled. Yet that money never made it back into the general fund for the next years budget. What happened to those funds? Where were they spent? Changes to the budget require city council approval.

With the current issues facing Detroit’s Budget and the repeated threats by the mayor and some on city council concerning a state appointed emergency manager, and with the Oakland County executive criticizing Detroit, blaming the city for Oakland counties bond status; any alleged violations must be investigated. Malfeasance must be addressed. Any corruption must be found and procedures put in place to prevent recurrences. This can only be done with forensic and performance audits.One will review what has been spent and how the money is managed the other will review the departments procedures and its budget.



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