Change for Better Schools

Hidden Money, Hidden Plans, Shadow Support – A Hidden Agenda?

Is the Media Fair and Balanced? While the group pushing to remove an elected school board spends thousands of dollars on their cause, nothing is being done to ensure that they are following the law. The state has allowed the group to operate in a shadowy existence. The media while reporting and appearing to favor mayoral control, or at least bashing the elected board, has also not reported on who the group is, where they obtain their money or what is their real agenda. The governor favors mayoral control and so do the editorial boards of two of the main newspapers. Is there a hidden agenda or have people used their positions to push their own ideas and beliefs? 

Change for Better Schools has not reported its source of income but is engaging in a political campaign.

The group is reported to have paid the supporters bused down to the city council $75 each. Is this true? Will the media report it before the council deliberates or considers a vote?

Is this buying votes or is buying support the same thing? And morally speaking how is that different from Synagro buying support?

This group has ties to the city of Detroit, Detroit Public Schools and the State of Michigan governments yet little is reported or known about the group.

The non-traceable funds along with the tactics used are reminiscent of things condemned in the former mayor’s administration.

The groups spokesman says they will file paperwork at a later date. Is this conditional and based on if they get a vote in November?

With a vote in November they will need to spend more money to campaign. Will they wait and file after November?

How can the state allow a group to raise money for a political campaign and not be registered?

Without a vote in November will they even file campaign paperwork? OR Will the group just fade away?

Why isn’t the media challenging the group on its tactics the way others were ‘called out’  for their behaviour and use of money?

If a group is willing to misuse money to persuade people on what is supposed to be a worthwhile endeavor, what will they do if they are successful? How far will they go? Will we ever be told the truth?

Why won’t the donors come forward if they believe in their plan? Do they have anything to hide?

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