Are Government Vehicles used to Waste Time, Gas and Break the Rules?


Personal use of cars and cars outside municipal limits hurts us all.

Detroit, Michigan

In the past two months, various government vehicles have been observed outside of their municipal boundaries. Several Detroit Police vehicles have been spotted on Telegraph in Redford Township. A Detroit Public Schools Police vehicle was also spotted in this area. Additionally a State of Michigan vehicle was seen at the same location. All vehicles were seen in the early morning hours, between the hours of 7AM and 10AM.


What is the attraction to this area? Why are these employees in this area? The nearest Detroit police station is Plymouth and Warwick, the Northwest Precinct is about four miles away. The nearest Detroit Public School is two miles away. These vehicles were witnessed in the parking lots of the 7 Eleven, located on the North East corner of Telegraph and Joy Road, in a Starbucks drive through and the parking lot of a local restaurant next door to the Starbucks.


When these vehicles leave the city, they

1) Cost money in extra gas and maintenance

2) Disrespect the citizens of Detroit

3) Violate the rules of their departments

4) Place the City of Detroit and the Detroit Public Schools at risk

– If there is an emergency, these vehicles are outside of reach of the problem

– If there is an accident, these vehicles expose the city to lawsuits


No wonder there is a perception of lack of police patrols in Detroit these cars are outside of the city patrolling the suburbs. This is a management problem. All vehicles are supposed to have a GPS unit to track their location. This is obviously ignored or not used. With the projected financial problems and the mayor and Councilman Brown looking to layoff city workers, this hurts everyone, the residents, city workers and the image of Detroit.


Personal use of government vehicles cost us money and should be stopped immediately.

The picture featuring a State of Michigan vehicle in the Starbucks should be investigated. If Governor Snyder is cutting programs, he is obviously not cutting back on state spending for some state workers. Personal use of vehicles is obviously OK.


How much of a problem is this? Looking at Google(.com) to view the area, the Google cameras caught a Detroit Police Vehicle at the 7 Eleven. This was several years ago. This shows that this is a pattern and has been going on by the DPD for years. How much longer will it continue before it is stopped?


For the pictures go to www.HoodResearch.Org and click on

Government Vehicles used for non-Government Business.

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