Detroit, A City in Financial Crisis

How did we get to this point?
  • Lying Lawyers
  • Rhyming Preachers
  • Corrupt Voting Process
  • Voter Apathy
  • Uninformed Voters
  • Weak Mayor
  • Lack of Accountability and Integrity in Local Government
  • Dysfunctional, Incompetent and Inept Elected Officials i.e. Mayor and Council
  • Poor Leadership in Government
  • Mismanagement in City Government
  • Nepotism in Local Government
  • Cronyism in Local Government
  • Collusion
  • Corruption
  • Political Corruption
  • Judicial Corruption
Solution: Cost Saving Measures
  • Mayor Bing should immediately create a “Crisis Turn Around Committee”. This committee should consist of Retired and Current City Personnel who understand Budgeting and Finance, Best Practices in Municipal Government, 21st Century Budgeting Concepts and Dynamics of City Government (Detroit) and have a Working Knowledge of Detroit Government and City Departments. Ideally, committee members will be Residents of Detroit.
  • Forensic Audit of Police, Fire, D-DOT, DPW, Library, Dept of Human Services and Library.
  • Performance Audit of Department Heads/Appointees and Departments.
  • Immediately Terminate Employment of Certain Department Heads i.e. Police Chief, Fire Commissioner, D-DOT, Dept. of Human Services and Library.
  • Obtain services of a Operational Auditor
  • Re-Engineer City Government
  • Reduce amount of Mayor Appointee’s
  • Reduce Council Staff by half
  • Flatten City Departments
  • Eliminate City Departments
  • Consolidate City Departments
  • Eliminate Current Fire Department Executive Organization Structure
  • Revisit and Amend City Budget (Immediately)
  • Institute Program, Performance and Zero Base Budgeting Concept for each City Department (42)
  • Focus on Core Services of each City Department
  • Allow City Unions to Bid on Contracts
  • Allow Competition for Public Employee Medical and Health Care
  • Create Department (Internal) Account Receivable Section
  • Re-Open and adequately fund Mystersky Power Plant to generate revenue by selling electricity.
  • Invest in Employee Training Program
  • Invest in Retiree Resource.
  • Initiate Legal Action against the State of Michigan for minimum $220,000,000.00 and Legal Fees.
  • Initiate Legal Action against DPS for minimum $15,000,000.00 and Legal Fees.
  • Initiate Collection of Income Tax and Property Tax from Business Owners (Past and Present)
  • Freeze all Tax Abatements
  • Create City Car Pool for Nonemergency use.
  • Discontinue Automobile Stipend
  • Emergency Financial Manager in Detroit
If you have any questions please call me.
Reginald D. Amos, Deputy Chief (Ret)

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